Meru, Kenya

Secret to our bosses who instruct us on which assignments to carry out in the different towns, Meru is termed one of the best due to countable reasons.

Our pursuit for a good hotel closeby town and up to standard led us to Royal Prince Hotel, that was but just 2 blocks away from our financial institution. My preferences, however, would have been Hotel Incredible due to the various facilities it had but I was still ok with this choice. Although, Meru is semi-dormant in night activities, it prides itself with nature sceneries and monuments, much to my pleasure.

From the untapped wild haven at Meru National Park, the large miraa farms at Maua, the re-known elders house of the Meru Community, Njuri Ncheke, Meru Museum in town and a bit far of, the Archers Post, past Isiolo town where we ate of goat meat and some camel milk…Meru is just a relaxing place to be. A rugged town/ market called Gakoromoni only reminds me too well of a relationship that almost blossomed for me, but for the short periods in our assignments 🙂

At the Meru Sports Club, I had my first opportunity to play squash and snooker not forgetting the daily evenings spent by the pool side. Due to good lighting at the pool, I was able to spend my last evening at the swimming pool till a little past 10 pm.

On travel, the only predicament in the 4 hours is the black spot area at Nithi and the ever speeding pick-ups transporting the green gold, miraa, from Maua to Nairobi for air travel to Britain and Somalia. Other towns around that I visited were Ruiri, Mikinduri, Nkubu and Chuka.

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Bungoma, Kenya

I don’t know where to start in thanking God for the two year exposure around the beautiful country during my work assignments in Family Bank. He truly satisfied my heart’s desire by giving me this job, which by far and large has taken me to places in my small mind would not have thought ever existed let alone enjoy the different cultures.

At a glance, one would take Bungoma to be quite a boring place judging from the lack of popularity of the place in the airwaves. This is my second visit to the town and there is plenty to learn from each time I visit.

Though there is a ‘Boda-Boda Restricted’ signage at the Municipal Council wall, the business forms quite a key part of the community’s economy. The major points we visited was Hotel Rosswood, which was where we spent our nights, Shariffs Place, a complex plaza which housed different business among them retails shops, a garden retreat centre, beauty shops and the town’s re-known joint, Shariffs…which I happen to watch an international friendly match between England and Spain during my visit.

There were however no nature sceneries around leaving my team to visit Savona Hotel over the weekend, in Kakamega branch. The town is also closest to on eof the border towns between Kenya and Uganda, commonly known Malaba…where my memory draw me back to a near incident where I would have spent a night in the Uganda Border Police Post due to photographing the same police post as well as a near death experience, where the matatu we travelled in to the Malaba town hit a passenger. A bad experience it was as an illegal immigrant 🙂

For a trip to the town Nairobi, you are guaranteed at least 7 hours of road travel.

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Mombasa, Kenya

The white sandy beaches, friendly people, fantastic coastal food and drink, dare devil water sports and to die for sights and sounds. With a month plus in the best time of the year, the Easter holidays….this was by far the best of my work assignments ever.

Far from common practice, we took accomodation out of town at the Jamboree Beach Resort & Campus Haven next to the Milele Beach Hotel and public beach hotel, Pirates. This was to ensure we secured all evenings at the sandy shores and the beach side as we relaxed from the assignment and the buzz in town.

The Mombasa town had recently had its streets cleaned following an international marathon race held in 2009. Seemingly congested with buzz of activities, Coast is very humid and an air-con is in no way a luxurious commodity but a must have. In the town, I toured one of the largest temples in Kenya, the Jain temple and the Hindu Temple Centre. I worshipped at the Mombasa Pentecostal Church and severally indulged in the different nutritious and tasty foods the Swahili community pride themselves in, including Biriani, Donuts iced with sugar, Kahawa Chungu and the like. The only historical site worth visiting was Fort Jesus.

All the fun is packed in the ouskirts of the town.

North Coast drive included a tour to some of the best hotels in the region incuding Whitesands Hotel, Sun and Sand Beach Hotel, Baobab Resort Hotel, Pancity Hotel, Tembo Beach Hotel (arguably with the largest underground disco in East Africa) and Nyali Beach, Nyali water sports, 3D display cinema at Nyali (watched Avatar), a 30,000 seater church in Bamburi town, JCC Mombasa, a ‘lap of honor’ in hotels and restaurants in the liveliest nightlife town, Mtwapa.

This could not have ended better with dinner at Tamarind Dhow and deep sea diving with the KWS far off in the Indian Ocean.

South Coast, on the other hand was no comparison. Better known for its clean white sandy beaches and its luxurious hotels, our confirmation was made when we crossed over the Mama Ngina drive, and into my first time in a ferry at Likoni, thereby alighting at Ukunda. Our drive continued into the surburbs of Diani, leading us to the Leopard Spa Resort, Diani Beach, Bahari Dhow Hotel and the Southern Palms Hotel.

Pictures to follow soon.

Not by works, lest any man boasts Eph 2:9