When the People Respond


It can be frustrating.  I’ve seen it in a variety of churches.  The team isn’t always on top of their game, and the people they’re leading get into a hole–a hole where worship isn’t hitting their hearts, where the norm is less than awe-inspiring, and where God’s hand isn’t in the worship. They listen to the songs, sing them blindly, but don’t enter into worship from their hearts. But whose fault is that?

What we need to understand is that when people are leading people, it will always leave us flat. Leaders who look to the people they’re leading for affirmation is going to be left feeling empty. We need to start following God in our worship. God-led worship is so much more fulfilling.

I sometimes get disheartened when I am leading worship and the people don’t respond. Maybe they’re thinking it’s too loud, that the song I’ve chosen is dumb, or that the worship set is too long.  It’s disheartening because all of these issues (volume, song selection, set length) are matters of personal preference, rather than God-preference.

You see… at the end of the day, I try to see that my job as a worship leader is to provide people with an opportunity to worship.  If they decide to take that opportunity, that’s between them and God.  If I’m lucky, I will take the opportunity to worship as well.

If this frustration is hitting you, remember: God is in control.  He sees your heart.  He sees your passion, and He certainly has the answers. Press into Him, and He will give you the affirmation for which you search. Press into Him, and trust that He will draw the people into earnest worship.

By Al Ingham


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