Meru, Kenya

Secret to our bosses who instruct us on which assignments to carry out in the different towns, Meru is termed one of the best due to countable reasons.

Our pursuit for a good hotel closeby town and up to standard led us to Royal Prince Hotel, that was but just 2 blocks away from our financial institution. My preferences, however, would have been Hotel Incredible due to the various facilities it had but I was still ok with this choice. Although, Meru is semi-dormant in night activities, it prides itself with nature sceneries and monuments, much to my pleasure.

From the untapped wild haven at Meru National Park, the large miraa farms at Maua, the re-known elders house of the Meru Community, Njuri Ncheke, Meru Museum in town and a bit far of, the Archers Post, past Isiolo town where we ate of goat meat and some camel milk…Meru is just a relaxing place to be. A rugged town/ market called Gakoromoni only reminds me too well of a relationship that almost blossomed for me, but for the short periods in our assignments 🙂

At the Meru Sports Club, I had my first opportunity to play squash and snooker not forgetting the daily evenings spent by the pool side. Due to good lighting at the pool, I was able to spend my last evening at the swimming pool till a little past 10 pm.

On travel, the only predicament in the 4 hours is the black spot area at Nithi and the ever speeding pick-ups transporting the green gold, miraa, from Maua to Nairobi for air travel to Britain and Somalia. Other towns around that I visited were Ruiri, Mikinduri, Nkubu and Chuka.

Pictures coming soon.



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